Steel City – Product Tariff

Brand / ItemSpecificationRates**
Vizag TMT Rebars8mm/16mm45.90 + Tax / Kg
Vizag TMT Rebars10mm, 12mm, 18mm, 20mm44.90 + Tax /Kg
ISI TMT RebarsAll sizes40.20 + Tax /Kg
Tulysan TMT RebarsAll sizes41.20 + Tax /Kg
Kamachi TMT RebarsAll sizes42.20 Tax /Kg
Jindal TMT RebarsAll sizes42.20 + Tax /Kg
Metcon TMT RebarsAll sizes42.50 + Tax /Kg
JSW TMT Rebars8mm/16mm48.90 + tax /Kg
10mm,12mm,18mm, 20mm48.20 + Tax /Kg
TMT 6mm45.90 + Tax /Kg
Rounds & FlatsAll sizes42.90 + Tax /Kg
Squares & AnglesAll sizes43.90 + Tax /Kg
G Pipe56.90 + Tax /Kg
G Pipe Apollo1 inch, 2 inch, 4 inch58.80 + Tax /Kg
G Pipe Apollo1/2 inch; 3/4 inch59.90 + Tax /Kg
Bhushan Galvanised Roofing Sheet0.3023.50 Inclusive of Tax /Kg
Bhushan Galvanised Roofing Sheet0.3525.50 Inclusive of Tax /Kg
JSW Galvanised Roofing Sheet0.3529.20 Inclusive of Tax /Kg
Binding WireAll sizes78 /Kg

**Applicable Tax will be 18% GST. Rates are subject to change without notice.